Graduate Collaboration
Graduate Collaboration

EEE and ETE programs are IEB Accredited


EEE Students Visit Power Plant in Sylhet

IEEE Computer Society IUB Student Branch Chapter receives the best chapter award
Aiming to build a strong community to spread the advancement of technology, IEEE Computer Society Bangladesh Chapter organized it’s one of the flagships and long-awaited events “IEEE Computer Society BDC MEET & GREET 2019: Dhaka” in association with IEEE ULAB Student Branch on 2nd March 2019 at University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh...

EEE Students Visit Power Plant in Sylhet

A seminar on Hardware Development for AI/Deep-Neural Computation held at EEE department
Artificial Intelligence (AI), sometimes called machine intelligence (MI), is intelligence demonstrated by machines. As the demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) is projected to rise rapidly in the coming years, and it’s interfering with basically every major industry, and as...

EEE Students Visit Power Plant in Sylhet

Career Meet Up @ Dhaka held at IUB
A “Career Meet Up @ Dhaka” program was held on 15th February, 2019 at Independent University Bangladesh (IUB). The day-long program was organized by the "School of Engineers" in association with IEEE IUB Student Branch, IEEE IAS IUB Student Branch Chapter, IEEE Computer Society...

EEE Students Visit Power Plant in Sylhet

Workshop on Substation Design & Simulation held at EEE department
In collaboration with the School of Engineers, IEEE IUB Student Branch organized a Workshop on Substation Design & Simulation on 9th February 2019. The entire session was conducted by the well-known Automation Engineer, Engr. Fardouse Alam from Innova Engineering Ltd. Dr. Md. Abdur Razzak, Associate Professor of EEE department of IUB and the Branch Mentor of IEEE IUB Student Branch...

EEE Students Visit Power Plant in Sylhet

Seminar on PLC, Industrial Automation and Career Development held at IUB
The field of automation involves the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production where robots or machines are used to perform specific functions, and Programmable Logic Control (PLC) can be used to make the tasks in a faster, cheaper and safer way creating a demand for a human workforce to perform other tasks to tend to industrial automation...

EEE Students Visit Power Plant in Sylhet

Seminar on Preparing for Self-Assessment and Peer Evaluation held at SECS
The school of Engineering & Computer Science (SECS) of Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) organized a seminar on Preparing for Self-Assessment and Peer Evaluation on January 24, 2019 for the SECS faculty members aiming for implementing the outcome-based education (OBE) to all the departments in the school. Dr. Md. Abdur Razzak...

EEE Students Visit Power Plant in Sylhet

Seminar on the impact of the electric vehicles on electricity demand and distribution held at IUB
The rapidly growing battery-powered and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles will have a significant impact on power networks due to their high energy capacity and mass deployment. This impact will dictate the design of the electric vehicle interface devices and the design and control of future power networks...

EEE Students Visit Power Plant in Sylhet

IEEE IUB SB wins the Best Student Branch Award - Honorable Mention
IEEE IUB Student Branch is proud to achieve two of the prestigious awards from IEEE Bangladesh Section for its valued contribution in 2018. In a Award Night and Annual Dinner of IEEE Bangladesh Section held on 25th December, 2018 at the Crown Hall of Asia Hotel and Resorts, Dhaka, IEEE IUB Student Branch was awarded with the "Best Student Branch Award...

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