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B.Sc. in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering

Course Duration

The is an open credit program and is designed for four years, but the course duration may vary depending on how many prerequisite courses a student has to undertake. Each year consists of three regular semesters: Spring, Summer & Autumn.
Upon admission, a faculty adviser is assigned for each student for guidance and direction in meeting degree requirements and academic goals

Degree Requirements

The requirements listed below are a minimum requirement for a Bachelor degree set by IUB. Students are advised to consider their specific requirements.
For the B.Sc. in EEE degree program, the student must undertake a minimum of 145 credits.

Fee Structure
Total credit 145
Application fee Tk. 1000
Admission fee (one time) Tk. 25,000
Student Activities fees including lab: (per semester) Tk. 7,000
Tuition per credit Tk. 6,000

Total (145 Credits)
Foundation Courses (41 Credits)
Communication Skills (9 Credits)
ENG 101 Listening and Speaking Skills
ENG 102 English Reading Skills
ENG 105 Business English
ENG 106 Advanced English Skills
ENG 201 Introduction to English Literature
*Prerequisite ENG 101 & 102
*Note: students not exempted from ENG 101 and ENG 102 will have to take ENG 101, ENG 102 and ENG 105
*Note: students exempted from ENG 101 and ENG 102 will have to take ENG 105, ENG 106, ENG201
Social Sciences (any two) 6 Credits
ANT 101 Introduction to Anthropology
SOC 101 Introductory Sociology
HEA 101 Health and Society
ECN 200 Introduction to Economics
CMN 201 Introduction to Communication
SOC 202 Social Psychology
Humanities (any two) 6 Credits
*NCH 101 National Culture and Heritage-I
*BPH 101 Bangladesh Political History
*BLA 101 Bangla Literature & Art
HST 103 History and Civilization
AAT 101 Art and Aesthetics
MUS 101 Music Appreciation
FRN 101 Elementary French
PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
GSG 101 Global Studies
KRN 101 Korean Language
PHL 206 Philosophy of Religion
*Any one of the first three is mandatory
Natural Sciences (7 Credits)
PHY 111 Physics - I
PHY 121 Physics - II
PHY 121L Physics Lab
Computer Skills (4 Credits)
CSC 121 Introduction to Computer Science
CSC 121L Lab For CSC 121
LFE (3 Credits)
LFE 201 Live-in-Field Experience
Numeracy (6 Credits)
MAT 111 Mathematics - I
MAT 121 Probability & Statistics for Science & Engineering
Mathematics (9 Credits)
MAT 131 Mathematics - II
MAT 213 Mathematics - III
MAT 221 Mathematics - IV
Core Courses (59 Credits)
EEE 131 Electrical Circuit - I
ETE 132 Introduction to Materials and Chemistry
EEE 211 Electrical Circuit - II
EEE 211L Electrical Circuit Lab
ETE 221 Electronics-I
EEE 225 Energy Conversion Engineering
ETE 231 Signals and Systems
ETE 232 Digital Logic Design
ETE 232L Digital Logic Design Lab
ETE 234 Electronics - II
ETE 234L Electronics Lab
ETE 235L Circuits, Signals and Systems Simulation Lab
ETE 312 Communication Engineering Fundamentals
ETE 312L Communication Engineering Fundamentals Lab
ETE 313 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
ETE 314L Numerical Technique Lab
ETE 315L Electronic and Telecommunication Project Lab
ETE 316 Microprocessor and Interfacing
ETE 316L Microprocessor and Interfacing Lab
ETE 321 Computer Networks
ETE 321L Computer Networks Lab
ETE 324 Digital Signal Processing
ETE 324L Digital Signal Processing Lab
ETE 334 Embedded Systems
ETE 413 Sensor and Instrumentation
ETE 413L Sensor and Instrumentation Lab
ETE 422 Ethics, Engineering Economics and Project Management
Concentration (30 Credits)
Compulsory (21 Credits)
ETE 323 Digital Communications
ETE 323L Digital Communication Lab
ETE 332 RF and Microwave Engineering
ETE 333 Telecommunication Networks and Switching Systems
ETE 335 Wireless Communications
ETE 335L Wireless Communications and Microwave Engineering Lab
ETE 411 Optical Fiber Communications
ETE 411L Optical Fiber Communications Lab
ETE 423 Network Operating System & Administration
Optional (any three) 9 Credits
Optional - I
Optional - II
Optional - III
Final Year Design Project (6 Credits)
ETE 400 Final Year Design Project
Internship (3 Credits)
ETE 497 Internship*
*Can be taken as an optional course

Course List of Concentration (Optional)
Group A (Telecommunications)
ETE 445 Antenna and Wave Propagation
ETE 446 Satellite Communications
ETE 448 Cryptography and Network Security
ETE 451 Telecommunication Policy and Management
ETE 452 Internet and Web Technology
ETE 460 Special Topics in Telecommunications
Group B (Electronics)
ETE 461 Power Electronics and Drives
ETE 462 Control Systems
ETE 463 Analog and Digital Integrated Circuits
ETE 464 Nanotechnology
ETE 465 Biomedical Signal Processing
ETE 466 VLSI Design
ETE 467 Optoelectronics
ETE 469 Robotics and Mechatronics
ETE 470 Biomedical Instrumentation
ETE 471 Electrical Properties of Materials
ETE 473 IC Fabrication Process Integration
ETE 475 Special Topics in Electronics
Group C (Computer and Software Engineering)
CSE 476 Data Structures
CSE 477 Algorithms
CSE 478 Object Oriented Programming
CSE 479 Database Management Systems
CSE 480 Computer Graphics and Multimedia
CSE 481 Software Engineering Concepts
CSE 482 Software Project Management
CSE 483 Software Testing and Reliability
CSE 484 Intelligent System Engineering
CSE 485 Parallel and Distributed Computing
CSE 486 Digital Image Processing
CSE 487 Numerical Methods
CSE 490 Special Topics in Computer and Software Engineering
Degree programs offered by the EEE department

B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
B.Sc. in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering
M.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
M.Eng. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
M.Sc. in Telecommunication Engineering
M.Sc. in Computer Networks & Communications

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